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published on Dec 10, 2018 10:29 AM

We   are   looking   for   a   ​ highly-motivated   teamplayer   ​ (m/f),   with   strong   inter-personal   skills   and   who  wants   to   complement   our   sales   team   responsible   for   sales   of   our   flagship   software   product   IKOSA.  Your   main   tasks   are   ​ the   structured   search   for   new   potential   customers   and   market   segments  and   the   support   of   our   senior   sales   engineer   in   the   acquisition   of   new   customers​.   This   position  could   be   the   first   step   into   your   successful   career   in   the   exciting   domain   of   technical   sales   in   Life  Sciences.

Your Profile

  • Systematic and exact working methods.
  • Strong communication skills, authentic, confident and convincing demeanor.
  • Ability to explain and create awareness for high-tech products for Life Science customers.
  • Language   skills:   English   (native   or   proficient   use),   German   (native   or   proficient   use);   Spanish  and/or French is an advantage.
  • Domain experience in Life Sciences (Biology, Biotech, Pharma, ...) is an advantage.

Our Offers

  • Part-time​ position (16-20 hours per week), starting with 2019.
  • Work   in   close   collaboration   with   internal   and   external   people   in   an   interdisciplinary  environment: development, management, product design, customers and partner relations.
  • Gain   significant   knowledge   and   experience   in   a   future   orientated   technology,   by   selling  leading-edge Artificial Intelligence products that our customers need and want.
  • Work   in   modern   offices   located   in   the   heart   of   Graz,   surrounded   by   a   highly   motivated  team.


Why you should apply

  • Reasonable working hours, flextime and a high degree of self-management. 
  • Extend   your   skills   and   work   experience   in   a   professional   environment   and   learn   from   an  experienced salesperson.
  • Minimal   annual   gross   salary   according   to   the   Austrian   collective   agreement   2018   for   IT   is  EUR   ​ 32,284   for   full-time   employment   (38.5   hours   per   week),   plus   competitive   commission  structure.
  • Your actual salary depends on your experience and qualification.



It’s   simple!   Just   submit   your   curriculum   vitae   to​​ and we get in touch!

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Employment type
part time
Start of work
starting immediately / by arrangement
Fixed term
2,300.0 EUR / month
Hours per week
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First and last name
Michael Mayrhofer
KML Vision GmbH
Nikolaiplatz 4/II
8020 Graz